INTRODUCTION by Allan Gibson

This website is dedicated to my father W.W.Gibson who lived from 1909 to1996.

It was not until after his death that my sister Carol and I found five folders in his flat, each of which contained many pages of sayings and quotations relating to his life and faith. Each page is handwritten in block capitals. It must have taken many years to compile all the information. My father never spoke to me or anyone else about these books and what he wanted us to do with them. 

My sister and I showed friends and other relations the books and they were all very impressed and very moved by the experience of reading them. I personally have been moved to tears by some of the wonderful things people are capable of saying and feeling. This collection is indeed a tribute to the ability of men and women to relate in words what are often deep emotional experiences.

I have wondered about the possibility of printing the books but find it to be a costly venture and have therefore decided to use the web first to measure the amount of interest generated.

I hope in the future to write some words about my Father and his life, meanwhile please enjoy "BOOKS 1.2, 3, 4 and 5 with the collection of  poems.

If you wish to comment please email community@fleethants.com 

Please note: Wherever possible recognition has been given regarding the authors of material used. It is my earnest intention that this be the case throughout The Books. My Father has, on many occasions, quoted the authors. In some cases I believe my father to have originated material which he has not signed. If any quotation has not been given proper recognition or is incorrect please advise so that the authors can be given full credit for their work.

It would be much appreciated if any spelling or other errors could be passed on to me.

Thank you

Allan Gibson